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Pentasacme wallichii Wight. (Family: APOCYNACEAE):  A First Record to Bhutan

Tobgay, Kezang .;  Gyeltshen, Nima .;  Dema, Sangay .;  Wangchuk, Tandin .;  Gyeltshen, Choki .; 



In Bhutan, the genus Pentasacme Wall. ex Wight. had been represented by only one species, Pentasacme pulcherrima Grierson & Long, which is mainly distributed in shaded steep banks and gully walls in subtropical rainforest at 250-550 m above sea level. During the ongoing 100 Trees species seed conservation project in Bhutan with Millennium Seedbank, Kew, specimens of Pentasacme Wall. ex Wight. were collected from warm broadleaved forest slopes of Zhemgang and Mongar districts at elevation of 680-705 m. These specimens were later identified as Pentasacme wallichii Wight., which is a new record to Bhutan. A description, key to species, and other information of the species are provided to simplify its identification.


Bhutan, eastern Himalaya, Pentasacme wallichii

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