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Utricularia furcellata (Lentibulariaceae): A new record to Bhutan

Gyeltshen , Phub .;  Dema, Sangay .; 



Five Utricularia species are described in the Flora of Bhutan. During a recent floristic exploration, specimens of Utricularia L. were collected from the Cool Broadleaved forests of Dzongkhalum, Trongsa districtat an elevation of 2600 m. The specimens identified as Utricularia furcellata Oliv. is a new record to Bhutan, which is described and illustrated in this paper. U. furcellata is similar to U. striatula Sm. but can be distinguished easily by the shape of the lower corolla.


Bhutan, conservation status, description, ecology, Utricularia furcellata

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